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Last week's major developments in sanctions - Jul. 5th to Jul. 9th, 2021

Monday, July 5th

- I start this week with an Anti-Money Laundering related piece of news. FinCEN now has a Chief Digital Currency Advisor. (Here)

Tuesday, July 6th - No major development on this day.

Wednesday, July 7th

- In an administrative move, the U.S. President extended the national emergency declared in E.O. 13581 for Transnational Criminal Organizations (here) and the one declared in E.O.13936 with respect to Hong Kong (here).

Thursday, July 8th

- OFSI removed the names of two individuals from its list of sanctions targets. (Here and here)

Friday, July 9th

- The Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security added 34 entities to the Entity List. (Here) Out of these 34 entities, nineteen were China-related, eighth were Iran-related, and seven were Russia-related.

Recommendation of the week

- This week's recommendation is for our french-speaking followers. France Financial Intelligence Unit, TRACFIN, published its 2020 annual report in a new format. Among other things, the report explained several ways through which money was laundered in France. It is a long but very interesting read if you have time. (Here)


- I have a personal announcement to make for this issue. I recently joined a FinTech startup called Airwallex to work on a range of sanctions related matters globally.

- Finally, I finish this issue by congratulating fans of Argentina and Italy national men's football teams on their championships in Copa America 2021 and Euro 2020.


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