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As a U.S. attorney who was part of the sanctions compliance team of one of the largest global banks and led the sanctions compliance program of a fast-growing FinTech startup and later joined one of the advisory firms in financial crime, my passion led to the development of this resource and provides as a way of sharing the learnings I have obtained after spending many years working, almost exclusively, on U.S. and EU sanctions. If you want to know more about me you can see my profile at my current firm, K2 Integrity. is a free independent online resource for those who want to know more about sanctions and how they may affect their activities. It also gathers useful information from a range of various sources in one place for those who are more familiar with sanctions like compliance officers.  

I welcome a discussion using the feedback form below or you can contact me via my LinkedIn or send me an email to
in English, French, and Farsi (Persian). 


This website does not provide legal advice with comments/opinions representing my own views. 

Amir Fadavi Ardekani

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