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UN Sanctions 

There are no sanctions imposed by the United Nations against Turkey.

EU Sanctions 

The EU sanctions regime against Turkey is currently focused on Turkeys activity in Mediterranean Sea and is based on "Council Regulation (EU) 2019/1890 of 11 November 2019 concerning restrictive measures in view of Turkey’s unauthorised drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean."


It is a list-based regime with the following restrictions in place: 

  • Travel ban

  • Financial sanctions

As of November 29, 2020, 2 individuals both of which acting as director in Turkish Petroleum Corporation are designated under this program. 

Considering the current political climate, more sanctions are expected from EU against Turkey.

U.S. Sanctions 

No U.S. Sanction program against Turkey at this point (November 2020), yet following Turkish military intervention in Northeast of Syria, the United States used "Syria-related sanctions" program to designate the Government of Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, as well as the Minister of National Defense, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and the Minister of the Interior. These persons were all delisted few days after their designations.

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