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Transnational Criminal Organizations 

Transnational Crime
UN Sanctions 

There are no sanctions imposed by the United Nations targeting transnational criminal organizations.

EU Sanctions 

There are no sanctions imposed by the European Union targeting transnational criminal organizations.

U.S. Sanctions 

This program was rolled out in 2011 following a declared emergency in E.O. 13581. The E.O. provided grounds for designations and it listed a number of organizations at the same time. 

This program provided the authority for asset freezing sanctions as well as prohibition of any transactions with those listed under this program. In 2019, President Trump expanded the scope of this program by issuing E.O. 13863

Those listed under this program has a tag of [TCO] next to their name and there are hundreds of them currently on the Treasury SDN list. 

The regulations related to this program is codified under 31 C.F.R. 590.  

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