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South Sudan

UN Sanctions 

The Security Council by adopting resolution 2206, imposed the following sanctions concerning South Sudan.  The South Sudan regimes consists of: 

  • Travel ban 

  • Arms embargo 

  • Financial sanctions (asset freeze)

As of May 9, 2020, there are 8 individuals listed on the U.N. consolidated sanction list in relation to the conflict in South Sudan. 


EU Sanctions 

The EU sanctions regime against South Sudan is based on"COUNCIL DECISION (CFSP) 2015/740 of 7 May 2015 concerning restrictive measures in view of the situation in South Sudan and repealing Decision 2014/449/CFSP."


This is a list-based sanction regime in line with number of UNSC resolutions 

and has the following restrictive measures: 

  • Travel ban

  • Financial sanctions 

  • Arms embargo 

U.S. Sanctions 

Following its independence from Sudan in 2011, a civil war broke out in December 2013 and as a result, sanctions on South Sudan was imposed in April of 2014, when the United States President issued the E.O. 13664 imposing financial sanctions and travel bans. The program is a list-based program. Those listed pursuant to this program on the SDN list carry [SOUTH SUDAN] tag.

The regulations on this program is codified under part 558 of 31 C.F.R

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