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Last week's major developments in sanctions - Oct. 18th to Oct. 22nd, 2021

Monday, October 18th

- The EU Council extended its sanctions regime against ISIL/Da'esh and Al-Qaeda through Oct. 31, 2021. (Here, press release)

- Ten individuals came off the French sanctions lists as their 6-month designation period came to an end.

- DOJ issued a press release following the extradition of Alex Saab, a businessperson who is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and seven counts of money laundering. (Here) Mr. Saab was allegedly on the way to Iran to broker deals between Iran and Venezuela when he was arrested in Cabo Verde. (Here)

- The Department of the Treasury published its long-awaited review of sanctions. (Here, press release) The review as some expected was very general and was about how the U.S. can use sanctions more effectively.

Tuesday, October 19th - OFSI updated its guidance for Belarus sanctions. (Here)

Wednesday, October 20th

- There was no major development on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 21st

- There was no major development on Thursday.

Friday, October 22nd

- There was no major development on Friday except an entry change by OFAC. (Here)

Recommendations of the week

- First, the third issue of the Financial Institutions Sanctions Compliance journal is out and its filled with useful information. If you want a copy of it, please reach out to In this issue I had the opportunity to make a deep dive into French sanctions. Let me know what you think about my article. (My contact!)

- Second, Bourse and Bazaar Foundation hosted a virtual discussion about whether sanctions can succeed or not. Here is the recorded session: Can Sanctions Succeed: Reflecting on a Decade of Financial Coercion

- Third, if you are interested in the impact of economic sanctions on arbitral institutions, go and check out this article on Kluwer Arbitration Blog.


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