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UN Sanctions 

UN Security Council adopted resolution 1970 in 2011 with required the member states to implement certain sanctions. Those sanctions are: 

  • Travel bans

  • Arm embargo 

  • Financial sanctions (asset freeze) 

  • Trade restrictions (oil related) 

EU Sanctions 

The EU sanctions regime against Lebanon is based on two sets of regulations: 

This regime is partly list-based one and is consisted of the following restrictive measure:

  • Travel ban

  • Financial sanctions (asset freeze)

  • Certain trade sanctions

  • Arm Embargo 

  • Prohibition on certain claim satisfactions

U.S. Sanctions 

The Libyan sanction regime is a list-based sanction programs which has both financial sanctions and travel bans as stated in E.O. 13566 ,and E.O. 13726. The Libyan Sanctions Regulations is codified under part 570 of 31 CFR.

Those listed under this program bears the tag of [LIBYA2] next to their names on the SDN list  Colonel Muammar Qadhafi and some of many of his family members are targeted under this program.

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