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Democratic Republic of Congo

UN Sanctions 

U.N. imposed certain sanctions against the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2004 by adopting resolution 1533. U.N. required all the member states to put in place the following restrictions: 

  • Arms embargo 

  • Travel ban

  • Financial Sanctions (asset freeze) 


EU Sanctions 

The EU sanctions regime against the Democratic Republic of Congo is based on "COUNCIL DECISION 2010/788/CFSP of 20 December 2010 concerning restrictive measures against the Democratic Republic of the Congo and repealing Common Position 2008/369/CFSP."

This regime mainly consisted of the following restrictive measures: 

  • Travel bans 

  • Financial sanctions (asset freeze)

  • Arms embargo

U.S. Sanctions 

The DRC sanction program was initially created by E.O.13413 and later amended by E.O. 13671. This list-based program is in line with relevant UNSC resolutions. 

The type of sanction is asset freezing and prohibition of getting engaged in any transactions with the targets. Those targeted by this program bear the tag of [DRCONGO] next to their name in the SDN list and as of April 12, 2020, there are 186 of them. 

This program is codified by OFAC under 31 CFR Part 547.

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