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Counter Narcotics

UN Sanctions 

There is no UN sanctions aimed at counter narcotics trafficking.

EU Sanctions 

There is no EU sanctions aimed at counter narcotics trafficking. 

U.S. Sanctions 

The counter Narcotics program of the United States is an example of a conduct-based sanction program and it consists of two parts.

First, E.O. 12978, issued in 1995, targeted the narcotics traffickers centered in Colombia. Those individuals and entities listed under this program bear the tag of [SDNT] and as of  April 11, 2020, there are 804 of them on the SDN list. The relevant regulations to this program are published under part 536 of title 31 of C.F.R

Second, what established following the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Act. This act, which was signed into law in 1999 by the President, expanded the scope of the E.O. 12978, which was only focused on those trafficker centered in Colombia, to a global scale. The regulation related to this program could be found at 31 CFR Part 598. as of April 11, 2020, there are 3569 entries on the SDN list related to this program with the tag of [SDNTK].

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