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UN Sanctions

There is no Afghanistan UN sanctions regime; however, please note that there are sanctions regimes against Al-Qaida and Taliban in place which target many individuals in Afghanistan. 

EU Sanctions

The EU sanctions regime against Afghanistan is based on "COUNCIL DECISION 2011/486/CFSP of 1 August 2011 concerning restrictive measures directed against certain individuals, groups undertakings and entities in view of the situation in Afghanistan."

It is a list-based sanctions regime consisting of the following restrictive measure:

  • Travel bans 

  • Financial sanctions (asset freezing)

  • Arms embargo

U.S. Sanctions

OFAC does not have any sanctions program against Afghanistan as a country, yet similar to U.N. there are many individuals in Afghanistan that are targeted by other conduct-based U.S. programs (Global Terrorism in this case). Notably, after the Taliban took over in 2021, Afghanistan became a country whose government was subject to the blocking sanctions of the United States. That effectively rendered many transactions with the country prohibited. The United States has issued general licenses to limit the unintended impact of the sanctions in Afghanistan, however, those general licenses do not allow all types of activities involving the Afghan governmental institutions, including the country's central bank which is itself subject to blocking sanctions. 

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