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Last week's major developments in sanctions - Jan. 3rd to Jan. 7th, 2021

Monday, January 3rd

- OFAC published a settlement agreement with Airbnb Payments, Inc. Airbnb Payments, the transactions-processing arm of Airbnb processed several payments related to Cuba in apparent violation of Cuban Asset Control Regulations. (Here) The main takeaway, in my opinion, was that it is necessary to assess the sanctions risks associated with a new product or market, before its launch.

Tuesday, January 4th - The Security Council ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee removed 5 entries from Its Sanctions List. (Here) It is interesting that usually following a UN decision to add or remove entries, certain jurisdictions like the UK and France, take immediate actions in updating their list. However, the U.S. does not follow the suit. For example as of the Jan. 9th 2022, OFAC has not removed the 5 entries in question.

Wednesday, January 5th

- For the first time OFAC used the authority granted under E.O. 14033. OFAC added one entity to the SDN list and updated another one by adding the [BALKANS-EO14033] tag to it. (Here, Department of the Treasury's press release, Department of State's press release)

Thursday, January 6th

- The U.S. Department of State imposed visa restrictions (a type of sanctions) on eight Cuban officials that were allegedly involved in shutting down the protests in Cuba. (Here)

Friday, January 7th

- OFAC published a new FAQ about the modifications of certain debts that had been issued before some sanctions restrictions kicked in. (Here)

- France added five individuals to its list of sanctions targets under the country's counter-terrorism sanctions. (Here)

Recommendations of the week

- On February 2, 20202, OFSI will be having a webinar dedicated to NGOs and how they can work in line with the UK sanctions. You can register to attend here.

- Over the weekend, Iran added 51 individuals to its list of sanctions targets. Those individuals are the ones who the Iranian government believes played a role in the killing of Major Soleimani. (Press release, list of sanctioned persons)


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